Wednesday, December 16, 2015

God Damn Microtransactions

Extended Title: Holy shit, not one day after Destiny adding more egregious microtransactions to their game, Activision announces "Call of Duty Points" God damn microtransactions, god damn Activision. 

Oh, Destiny, I love you, but I also hate you. In October, you added something to your game that I hate more than most things: Microtransactions. I've written about them before, and I'm sure you all know that I hate them. Silver (Destiny's microtransaction currency), at first, were just harmless emotes, not too bad, something I can look passed, but, hardcore Destiny players are too quick to jump to the defense of these microtransactions. Face it, microtransactions in this game have become progressively more terrible. Starting out with exclusive emotes, then moving on to sparrows/quest items, now to a level boost. I feel a pattern coming on, soon enough, Destiny will go Pay-To-Win or Fee-To-Pay. Adding a $30 microtransaction that allows new players to skip well over half of the content Destiny has to offer is pointless and egregious. There is no reason to pay to skip quality content. I really see this leading to something worse and I have said that before. There is no reason to include microtransactions in a game's development plan, other than greedy publishers who want to squeeze more money out of their loyal player base.

Really, Activision? This is bad as if annualizing wasn't already hurting Call of Duty (an admittedly good shooter), this will hurt it further. Of course, like most microtransactions, you can earn the loot you'd buy with them by playing the game, but come on, microtransactions exist because the devs want players to buy them; they're not there to get ignored. 

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