Friday, May 6, 2016

What's Wrong With Call of Duty

Rant incoming so no fun pictures ahead.

So, the newest Call of Duty game "Infinite Warfare" got a trailer recently, after multiple leaks regarding the setting. Regardless, in Call of Duty fashion, the trailer was awesome. Action, music, drama, the whole shebang. Honestly, it made me want to play it. Along with the announcement of CoD 4 Remaster, boy, Activision knows what they're doing.

But what are they doing differently this time around? Every year a new CoD comes out and every year they play exactly the same with a couple new/different mechanics, but other than a few minor things, nothing but the story and multiplayer maps change. Now, I don't really dislike Call of Duty and I really like the Black Ops franchise - the last one I bought was Black Ops 3, despite only playing it for a few hours - but really, I'm just burnt out on the series. Personally, I'd rather see them (Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer) take an extended break from the series and then put out a massive, amazing shooter, akin to CoD4, where they really changed how first person shooters work.

I suppose the title here is misleading, there isn't anything inherently wrong with Call of Duty, it's just that getting the same game with a different skin every year is tiring, but I guess I'm one of the few who thinks this way, because every year a game is released, and every year Activision sells millions of copies. Call of Duty, by no means, is a bad game, but, putting out more or less the same game every year is getting old.

A lack of innovation in games is something that really bugs me. Big budget yearly releases (i.e. Call of Duty and Assassins Creed), in my opinion, should be the ones innovating. Instead, though, they play it safe just to get the sales; it is the indie developers that are truly changing the game industry. So why aren't they innovating? Because people buy the shit out of these games, they sell better than most games that come out every year. People like Call of Duty, nothing has changed since CoD 4, yet every year these games come out and sell tens of millions of copies. So why try to fix what isn't broken, I guess.

Call of Duty, mechanically, is a great game, though. Shooting is tight and responsive and the multiplayer is decently paced, so there is a reason people buy and play it every year, but at some point people have to burn out on paying upwards of $100 for the same game every year. 


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