Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Random Thoughts and Stuff

Extended Title: Random things that have been going on but either don't necessitate a full post or I can't fully articulate my thoughts into something that will form a full post.

WB Abandoning PC???

This week, MKXL was announced for PS4 and Xbox One and is set to release March 1, 2016. Notice anything weird about that? If you noticed it's not coming to PC, you're correct. Really, this is bullshit, especially after the game being released on PC in the state it was - riddled with bugs, and for a lot, the game wouldn't even launch, let alone be played. Come on, WB, really? PC, while not as big as the console market, still holds a large majority of "hardcore gamers", and those are the people you do not want to piss off. After Arkham Knights abandoning on PC, you'd think they'd want to make it up to PC players by at least fixing the games they release, but instead, the games just get left behind, which is despicable. Step your game up, WB.

Might No. 9 Delayed, AGAIN.

Keiji Inafune stated this week that Mighty No. 9 is being moved from its release date of Feb. 9 back to "Spring 2016"; this is the 3rd delay. For a game that is already surrounded by shit with Kickstarter, whether it be the multiple campaigns or the multiple delays, this last (hopefully) one, really is just adding insult to injury.

Star Wars: Battlefront Free Content.

There's free shit coming, costumes and maps for survival and multiplayer. That's pretty much it, EA also announced the Death Star and Mos Eisley as new maps coming with paid DLC. If they added more heroes and villains I would be interested, otherwise, meh.

FNaF World Pulled From Steam

Come on Scott Cawthon, you release your game EARLY and then pull it because it's buggy? If this isn't an ARG for a FNaF sequel, this is just stupid. But, looking at the history of these games, it is probably just some stunt; considering he allowed the game to be fully refunded despite play time.

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Comes to PC

Dragon's Dogma originally released on Xbox 360 and PS3 in May 2012 and got the Dark Arisen edition in April 2013. This game is good, it has a Shadow of the Collusus mixed with Dark Souls feel and it is backed up by fun gameplay and a unique party system - basically, you choose "pawns" to accompany you, these pawns are created by other players and are chosen from an online pool. It is a decent port, supporting up to 4k resolutions and has had, at least for me, no performance issues. The only downside to this game is the low-quality textures, this game has obviously aged, but if you look passed that, there is nothing really bad about this game.

Darkest Dungeon Leaves Early Access.

Red Hook Studio's first game Darkest Dungeon, a roguelike dungeon crawler, left Early Access on January 19th. Oh man, this is a game. Fantastic narration and sounds paired with a horrific art style really make this game stand out among other "indie" titles. Brutal gameplay mechanics and punishing turn-based combat also add a great amount of depth to this great game. I really look forward to sinking many hours into exploring rotted dungeons and finding out why I'm reclaiming this estate.

The Witness Hits PS4s.

Johnathon Blow's long-awaited game, The Witness finally, after 8 years, released on PS4 January 26th. Braid, Blow's previous game, is one of the games that helped define "indie games" so, The Witness is a must play for many people. Stunning graphics and tough puzzles make up this game, and I do plan on playing it, even though I am not the biggest fan of puzzle games, I look forward to experiencing what Johnathon Blow has to offer.

That's pretty much it, you'll probably see a few more of this style post go up in slow news times like this, so look forward to them!

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