Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2016 Most Anticipated Games

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is my favorite Gamecube game, and now, with an HD remake coming to Wii U, I am obviously excited. Though this game gets a lot of hate, I believe it is one of the better games in the franchise (rating 2nd on my list, only behind Ocarina of Time). Now, as far as I know, nothing new will be added to this game, but if it is anything like the Wind Waker remake, then we're in for something good. And, if they don't change anything but the graphics, that's cool too. Twilight Princess HD will come to Wii U on Mach 4th.

Having not played the original games for more than an hour, the Rachet and Clank remake/reimaging piques my interest, as I have always been interested in them (they came out before I was really into video games, so I just never really put in the time to play them). I played a demo of R&C at CES last week and I was pretty impressed. The game looks fantastic, runs well, and plays well. One of the more promising remakes I have seen will hit the Playstation Store on April 12th.

Another game hitting stores on April 12th is Dark Souls 3. This is my most anticipated game of 2016 though I am a little scared of it. Coming off of Dark Souls 2 - a great game, just not a good sequel to Dark Souls, which is arguably my favorite game of all time - this game has a lot to prove to fans of the series. Dark Souls 2 is looked at by many as the worst of the souls games, and is definitely my least favorite (don't get me wrong, I still love it, but it is still the worst of the best).

As mad as I am at Blizzard for not letting me into the beta, this game is still in my top 3 for most anticipated 2016 game. Hero-shooters (basically, you choose a class that has a certain power or nuance that is specific to that class) are the new thing for gaming; we are seeing a lot of FPS take this approach to their games, but I think Overwatch will be the most successful hero-shooter. Why? Because come on, it's Blizzard.

I have written about this game before, and since then, the hype has just grown. I want this game in my life, I am ready to be enraptured by its endless planets and exploration. I'm ready to find out what is in the middle of the galaxy, I want to find the mysteries hidden on each of the 18 quintillion planets. If this game is disappointing I will be devastated, honestly. I know over-hyping something is bad, but, come on, it's kind of hard not to be excited for this.

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