Tuesday, July 7, 2015

No Man's Sky


   So, No Man's Sky is a game I've been following pretty closely since its announcement in late 2013, and ever since I saw the trailer, I've been infatuated by the concept, art, and mystery. Since then we've seen numerous videos on gameplay, the head of Hello Games (the studio that is developing No Man's Sky) and lead programmer Sean Murray has made multiple appearances at different gaming expos and cons. Naturally, I'm excited about this game, so I'm going to talk about it a little.

     The concept of this game, explore new planets, find new plants and animals, discover minerals and other materials, trade with A.I. and possibly other players, and ultimately make it to the center of this, almost infinite, galaxy, is extremely ambitious, and is a huge reason why people doubt this game. Each planet, animal, and plant is unique and if you, the player, discover them and upload their data, you can name the thing you discovered. On top of that, you can do basically anything you want.

     You can be a trader, moving from space station to space station, buying low and selling high; you can be a scavenger, picking up after failed pirate raids; you can even be pirates, raiding space stations for supplies. The gameplay styles are nearly endless, and they all revolve around the discovery of this seemingly endless galaxy. There is a functioning galactic police force, economy and (maybe) population of things that aren't  the animals roaming the planets.

     Basically everything in No Man's Sky is procedurally generated, so everything in this game is unique, and no two species are the same, and there seems to be no end to the uniqueness of the animals, plants, and planets. The game is utterly massive, hundreds of millions of stars, each star having its own system of planets, planets having its own unique flora and fauna, and every planet has its own moons. It's estimated that there is 18 quintillion explorable planets. The potential of this game is enormous.

     A quick update on what has happened today; Sean Murray tweeted about 7 hours ago thanking his team, does this mean something? Is the game going Gold soon? I suppose we'll know soon because No Man's Sky is the IGN First game this month, meaning a release date is imminent. Of course, we'll see a lot about the game and it's development throughout July.


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