Saturday, July 11, 2015

Virtual Reality and Horror Games

With the recent uprising of VR and AR(Augmented Reality) and horror games becoming popular over the last few years, I believe horror games will become a main marketing focal point.

      Let's face it, horror games right now can only be so scary because there's only so much immersion when you're not directly in the game. VR could change this completely because it puts everything right in your face. Now, this is going to change gaming in a big way even without horror games, but the horror aspect, I think, is what will change the most. Sound design will naturally get better and so will overall level design. The added scrutiny of being super up close to everything will definitely add another layer of polish to all of the newer indie horror games we've been getting lately.

     So far, though, VR is hard to experience from an outside perspective, because of the 2 different screens on the insides of the helmet, capturing the content and stitching together a video is quite laborious, thus few YouTubers have any decent content on VR. Obviously, the content we do get (Markiplier has some good videos) doesn't capture the full experience of being under the VR helmet, and the only way to get the full experience is to have the helmet on.

     The Oculus Rift already has horror games (as was implied in the last paragraph) and reception has been pretty good and also terrifying (reaction videos are hilarious). Overall, I think VR will change horror games and all games in a big way, but I also think it is another gaming trend, much like motion controls.

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