Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How Good Is... Dirty Bomb?

What Is Dirty Bomb?

     Dirty Bomb is a free to play multiplayer based, fast-paced first-person shooter currently in open beta. Fast gameplay, the ability to wall-jump, and not needing aim-down-sights makes this game reminiscent of older first-person shooters like Doom or Wolfenstein. Currently, there are 5 playable maps, 13 different playable Mercenaries, 3 different subclasses, 2 game modes, and a competitive mode.

The Good:

     Gameplay: Fast, twitchy gunplay makes for intense one-on-one skirmishes and the ability to wall jump only adds to the intensity. Wall Jumping adds a layer of depth in the navigation and evasion aspects, and if used correctly, can give you the upper hand against your target.

     Gunplay: The 29 guns split over 6 different archetypes add a decent amount of variety to the game though some are class-specific. The guns in this game feel just as good as any AAA shooter. They're tight, responsive, and fairly well balanced.

    Maps: The objective-based maps in Dirty Bomb add a ridiculous amount of depth. They're well designed and very complex. The maps have a team-based objective, that when completed, make the map evolve. These map evolutions open up, what seems to be, a whole new map; most maps have 3 different stages, each stage as big and complex as the last.

The Not-So-Good:

     Loadout System: The loadouts are a little like a Card-Collecting-Game, and to me, they take away the satisfaction of creating and testing your own loadout. The cards are split into 6 different rarities: Lead, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum and each comes with 1 Weapon, 1 Sidearm, 1 Melee Weapon and up to 3 different perks (Lead has no perks, Iron 1, Bronze 2, Silver 3, and Gold/Platinum 3). While not necessarily a bad system, it just seems like it is playing directly off making money (I'll cover the monetization system soon).

     Balance: Disclaimer: Dirty Bomb is currently in beta, so the balancing is subject to change. A lot of the Mercenary specials in this game seem over powered. Bushwacker's turret, when there are 3 of them on a team can block any and all access to an objective. Rhino's minigun is like the turret, except with added mobility because it is actually equipped by the player and not a computer. Kira's Orbital Laser wreak's havoc and there is not a way to stop it.

The payment model of this game is a like any other free to play game but, I think it is a little better than most. You can buy additional characters and loadouts to get the edge on your opponent. Cases, Elite Cases,(containing any random loadouts) and boosters can be bought to even further your edge. Characters are a little overpriced for my tastes at $10 per.

The Ruling:

     After hours of gameplay and countless matches this game is Good, the map design and fast gameplay make this game stand out among other modern FPSs but balance issues and the loadout system take something away from Dirty Bomb.

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