Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Journey: An Unparalleled Adventure.

This is not a review, it is what I experienced.

     It is impossible to describe the experiences in Journey with one word. It is poetic, intense, whimsical, awe-inspiring, and beautiful. It is a perfect gaming experience. Today, I played through Journey completely immersed with the lights off and my headphones on. I played through the whole game uninterrupted. I haven't played this game since its release, and even then, I didn't experience the game. So today is what I consider my first play through of this game. 

     Art evokes emotion and damn, did this game do exactly that. Journey, to me, is the embodiment of video games as an art form, the stylized art style is truly gorgeous and awesome. Accompanied by an amazing soundtrack this game stands out as a masterpiece, a true achievement of game design and art direction. Seriously, it's that good. The ambiguity of the story told only through subtle environmental details, and cutscenes without dialog add a sense of mystery that is very captivating.

     As I played through this game, near the beginning, I was trying to collect every piece of the scarf, scouring the wastelands and ruins in search of more pieces. My occasional Journey partners dropping in and out of the game, occasionally pointing me towards one of these pieces; as I progressed further and got near the end, I discovered that my scarf, at this point was, essentially, just bling. In the end, it didn't matter how many pieces I had collected, it was about the Journey.

Here is where I jump into my Journey, so MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD.

The start, the graphics are stunning.

The one true objective

This was about the time I stopped caring about grabbing the pieces

My first friend

First glimpse of the only enemy (this actually made me jump)

My traveling companion got attacked by both and I managed to snag this.

He's back


So close

Lightning Strikes


The beginning of the end

At this point, there was so much to take in. Truly a masterpiece of a game.

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