Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Black Ops 3: Beta Impressions

Disclaimer: As it says in the title, this game is in Beta and everything in this write-up is subject to change.

     So, this weekend I got into the Black Ops 3 Multiplayer beta and, in short; it's pretty damn good. The mobility is great, gunplay is tight, and the new Specialists are great. I haven't bought a Call of Duty game since the previous Black Ops installment, but so far the beta has me hooked; zombies mode also helps the chances of me getting this game. The jetpack and wall running adds a depth to mobility that I haven't seen in a shooter in a very long time, and it is refreshing. It seems to add something new to the same shooters we've been getting yearly since 2009. The gunplay, though, is arguably the best of all the FPS games out right now. It is tight, responsive, and the guns feel great. They seem - from what I saw - more varied than the previous Call of Duty games. (Quick note: Black Ops 2 was the last Call of Duty I played, so I may be missing something in Ghosts and Advanced Warfare). Specialists seem to add another layer of strategy and help change up the gameplay a bit. They add different special weapons and abilities that help a person specialize in a certain character and truly master them while giving multiple options to everyone.
Overall I'm excited for Black Ops 3, it seems like a big jump for the series, being on of the first games to come from the three-year development cycle. Hopefully this is the first step to bigger, better Call of Duty games.

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