Friday, August 7, 2015

RETROspect: Super Metroid

   Super Metroid released in 1994 on the SNES, and is a sequel to Metroid and Metroid 2 -combined they have only sold 4.5 million units so nothing groundbreaking in Nintendo terms, super Metroid sold even worse than the two, though. I played this game for the first time over this weekend, and I was amazed that I had never experienced before. The music, gameplay, the pace of progression, map design, and basically everything else about this game is great. Where it shines, though, truly, is its legacy. Along with Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, this game helped coined the term "Metroidvania" a type of game which standouts by its large, singular map where progression comes with unlocking new weapons, perks, or the like, and gaining access to new parts of the map.
You can see Metroidvania influences in a lot of modern games, like Dark Souls (map connectivity, non-linearity) and Batman Arkham Asylum (progression tied to getting new equipment), among others.

     Public demand for a new classic Metroid game seems to be pretty high though it could just be a vocal minority. I don't think it would be very lucrative decision on Nintendo's end because of game development costs being so high and the relatively low sales (just under 17 million copies across all the games), but, those lower sales could just be telling of the times. It would be pretty cool to have a new Metroid game in the classic style, although it may not appeal to the younger audience of Nintendo, it would still bring back the millennials that played and loved Metroid.

     Overall, my experience with Super Metroid was very good, retrospectively,(I did it! I did the thing!) I can see how this game has influenced the industry and the games, and I can see where games have taken from this one.

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