Sunday, August 30, 2015

MKX Cancelled on Last Generation Consoles.

     Let's not act like we all didn't see this coming, MKX got cancelled on last gen consoles. Is this indicative of the industry moving forward into the current generation of consoles? Last generation consoles are relatively weak compared to their newer iterations, and the games coming out now are more graphically sound, and are asking more and more of consoles and PCs as time goes on. It takes a very optimized game to be able to run on last gen (we are seeing this with MGSV and the fact that it looks decent on PS3 and X360) and while I'm glad those two consoles haven't been phased out completely, I think it's time for devs and publishers to embrace the new consoles and make truly next gen games. I'm sure that PS3 and X360 will be supported for a few more years so those who haven't "upgraded" yet have time to move up and experience these new games on better consoles.

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