Tuesday, August 11, 2015

ESports: A Rising Industry

     ESports, a rising movement in the gaming industry, is quickly growing in popularity, and this past weekend, the biggest tournament in ESports took place, The International 5, or TI5 where the focus game of this tournament is DOTA2, a very popular MOBA from Valve Software, and literally millions of dollars are at stake. ESports is quickly becoming a legitimate sport with teams, drafts, salaries, trades, and big budgets, just like conventional sports teams. Even ESPN has given ESports airtime, covering games like DOTA and Heroes of the Storm; the adoption of the rising medium for gaming has come with some hate, though, and was even criticized by popular sports radio voice Colin Cowherd.

     ESports is a very legitimate and growing industry with millions of dollars being spent and won. TI5's prize pool topped out at more than $18 Million, and $16 Million of that was raised by the DOTA2 community, this says a lot, because there is obviously a massive following and appeal. With the money, audience, and rising popularity of ESports getting bigger and bigger by the year - despite the hate ESports get from the sport "purists" - I suspect the industry will thrive, and grow even further as a legitimate sport.

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