Monday, September 21, 2015

Destiny 2.0 (The Taken King)

     This weekend, me and a friend played through the entirety of Destiny 2.0, we played through vanilla, The Dark Below, The House of Wolves, and the reason I got back into Destiny; The Taken King. Now, I've put around 300 hours into vanilla and The Dark Below, but quickly fell out of it after beating Crota (The Dark Below raid boss), due to other games being released and the lack of content. Over the year we've had of Destiny, I've been addicted to playing, completely done with the game, and everything in between. The Taken King has once again roped me back into Destiny, and I'm sure I'll play for a lot longer.

     Playing through the entire game (raids and strikes NOT included) took me and a friend about 24 hours of play time. The new quests and dialog add new personality to Zavala, Ikora, and Cayde-6, the 3 class leaders, and it really shines in The Taken King, it seems Bungie added new life to these previously bland characters; they also gave the Ghost redux (Nolan North) more dialog. Ghost was missing in The Dark Below and House of Wolves, so hearing Nolan North's awesome performance as Ghost was a welcomed enhancement.
     The story of The Taken King is very obviously the best, a sinister end-boss with intentions of taking over the universe, complete with an army of Taken (basically every enemy in the game given a new, creepy look and new weapons and powers). The 3 class leaders play their biggest part in the story yet, with Eris Morn helping us along the way. The new mission design is great, taking us through old raids and giving us recycled mechanics to play through alone (recycled in a good way)

     The new Quest page in your pause menu adds a little bit more insight to the story, along with streamlining the mission system. Rather than simply unlocking the next mission right after beating the previous one, you hop back to the tower (still a process that takes slightly too long) and talk to Cayde-6, Zavala, Eris, Ikora, or any other leader, and gain a little insight as to why you're doing what you're doing. Bungie has also added a lot of new class-based quest, which consist of killing things or doing things under one of your subclasses. They've added a revamped UI complete with faction ranks; explanations of Strength, Intellect, and Discipline; new Bounties section, among other things. You can now turn bounties in without warping back to the Tower (this is fantastic). They've also given us more vault space, added ghost shells, emotes, artifacts, and useful class items. Along with all of those things, the Light system was revamped. Gone are the days of gaining levels with better gear, instead, levels 1-40 are earned by experience, as it should be. Light is now like WoW's and other MMO's "Item Level" system.

     The gameplay is as good as always and is arguably the best shooter out on the market right now, the new Warlock subclass is very fun, and the missions surrounding it are pretty good as well. The Dreadnaught (new area) is really interesting, with chests and other things needing keys in which I know nothing about, lot's of random events going on, like a war between Taken, Hive, and Cabal, and of course, the regular chest farming routes. Strikes, as always are fun team-based activities, but now they go by a lot quicker and give better rewards. Raiding, though I haven't done Prison of Elders or King's Fall, I highly anticipate increasing my Light level and finishing each of these raids.

     Overall, Destiny 2.0 (The Taken King Expansion) is filled with very welcome changes, improvements, and additions. The gameplay is as strong as always, and I'm sure with the additions of new weapons and mechanics, will only get increasingly better. The story was taken more seriously this time around, adding personality to characters that, before this release, were just bland merchants. The UI overhaul has helped streamline leveling and menu navigation and has also helped with questing. The new content is truly the best the game has to offer, the new story missions being fun and engaging, the strikes having new mechanics with bosses that aren't simple bullet-sponges. I look forward to putting many more hours into this game, The Taken King has roped me back in, and I'm not even mad.

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