Thursday, September 10, 2015

GTA Freemode: Leaving Last-Gen Behind

     The newest GTA: Online update will drop on PS4, XBone, and PC on September 15. Notice anything weird there? If you didn't read the title, Rockstar is leaving behind last-gen consoles, this is a good thing. Though Rockstar didn't specify why they're leaving behind last-gen, one could assume it is due to graphical/processing limitations. This update brings in ambient, open world challenges with no lobbies, loading, or menus, they just pop up in the open world spontaneously (in this case, spontaneously means every 12 minutes or so). In the game's biggest update since Heists, Freemode adds 6 new and random game modes, where they will pop in -as previously specified- with no loading screens or lobbies.  You can opt in or out of these game modes seamlessly, which is pretty cool. This big update will also add the Rockstar Editor to PS4 and Xbone.

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