Sunday, September 6, 2015

Rocket League Report.

     As I type this there are 25,000 people Rocket League and it is number 14 on the Steam Concurrents chart, not bad for a game that didn't really have any publicity surrounding it (that is, before PSN backed it and made it a PS+ game). In an earlier post, I stated that I feared its longevity as a game, I thought people would eventually get bored of it. Well, I was kind of right and kind of wrong. I made a quick poll a few days ago regarding the play habits of about 250 people; the results were a little different than I had expected by I still was surprised by its outcome.  I had four different options: Every day, Every Few Days, Once a Week, and Almost Never.

     81 people (32%) said that they played every other day, this seems to be the people who like the game but also have dedicated time to bigger games. 72 people (29%) said that they played every day, more than I expected, but from what I heard, the people who did said that they had a dedicated team of friends they'd play with or that they hadn't got the platinum.  52 people (21%) said they played almost never, and 48 people (19%) said they played once a week (I fall into the almost never category). This seems to be attributed to the game being released at a great time. It was a good enough time after Witcher 3 and Arkham Knight, and before big games like Metal Gear Solid V and Mad Max. It was also free for PS+, which opened the game up to a lot of people that wouldn't have paid to play it. The results are saying that a lot of people play the game quite often but are showing a little bit of a drop off since the games release 2 months ago when the hype for this game was at maximum. This drop is natural, though, and the hardcore players will probably continue playing for a long time. There is also an eSports following, and the first MLG tournament was held 2 weeks ago, so, this game seemingly has some legs!

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