Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Super Mario Maker

     This past weekend, I bought a WiiU, just for this game. I obviously had very high hopes going in, and really was not disappointed in the purchase; considering this is the first time I had bought an entire console for one game. Mario Maker is everything it sounds like it is, all of your classic memories of Mario, multiplied to the umpteenth degree with countless new levels and endless combinations of classic enemies, objects, and styles of map. Sadly though, the games largest appeal is also its greatest downfall.

     The level creation is open, you can design anything you want whether it be an iteration on a Ship level from Mario 3, your very own Automatic Mario stage, or a hell hole of Flying Koopas, springs, and invisible blocks; the combinations are almost infinite. It is really fun to create a map in your vision, and then see if you can beat your own map (you need to be able to beat it before you can publish it for others to play).

     The community designed levels are pretty fun, most of the time, with a lot of cool, off-the-wall designs, people really have put time into making the level they always wanted to play. Then there are the bad ones; blind-jumps, levels filled with enemies, instances where beating the level takes a jump that is so precise many won't get it, all with the allure of "I'll bet you can't beat this level," and yeah, that is fun, to an extent. For people trying to play the 10 or 100 Mario Challenge, these maps are just a waste of lives, and I wish there was a way for these -admittedly pretty unique- levels to be omitted from those two game modes.The unlock system in this game is pretty limiting (unless, of course, you just do the exploit). It makes you have to be in the Create mode for at least 5 minutes over a 9 day period, which honestly kind of sucks, if you wanted to jump in and create a Super Mario 3 level right off the bat, you're out of luck.
Aside: Don't get me wrong, the community levels that are super hard with precise jumps and stuff are fun and creative, but if I'm doing the 10 or 100 Mario Challenge, it's just not something I want. Yes, I know you can skip, regardless though, it is just something that is a slight quality-of-life thing.

     Overall though, everything that is "bad" about this game is easily looked over. The game is really fantastic and totally justifies my purchase of a WiiU, I look forward to making and uploading my own creations, and playing others' as well.

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